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Warship Constructions in India; Coast Guard Ships

The Indian Coast Guard was established in 1977. It was formally inaugurated on 18 Aug 1978 in its present form as an independent armed force of the Union with the enactment of the Coast Guard Act 1978. Its motto is `VAYAM RAKSHAMAH' means `WE PROTECT'. The ICG is entrusted with multifarious responsibilities in the Maritime Zone of India, as a law enforcement agency relating to ocean resources, shipping, customs and revenue, maritime environment, protected species as well as narcotics. The Coast Guard works in close cooperation with the Indian Navy, Indian Department of Fisheries, Department of Revenue and the Central and State Police forces. Coast Guard carries out its multidimensional surveillance duties through a combination of on shore installations, sea faring vessels and aircraft.
 Indian Shipyards both Public Sectors and Private Companies have produced Patrol vessels for the Indian Coast Guard, but only a few ships have been found space in Philatelic illustrations.
 CGS VIGRAHA (39), the Vikram class  Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV), Length; 74.1 M, Speed; 22 knots,  Propulsions; 2x 4775KW, was built by Mazagon Dock Ltd., Mumbai in 1990 for the Indian Coast Guard.  The stamp was  issued on the occasion of the President' Fleet Review at Vishakhapatnam in 2006.
The FDC is autographed by the Commanding Officer of CGS Vigraha (39)
CGS Vigraha(39) is now  SLNS Sayurala (P623) of the Sri Lanka Navy . Acquired in August 2009 on renewable lease basis, SLNS Sayurala (Sayurala meaning: Sea waves)
The photograph of SLNS Sayurala (P 623) is from Sri Lanka Navy website

CGS SANGRAM (43), a Samar class  Advance Off-shore Patrol Vessel (AOPV), 102.45 M. long, Speed 22 Knots, Propulsion; 2x12800HP, built by Goa Shipyard Ltd was commissioned into Indian Coast Guard on 29 March, 1997. The stamp was released on the occasion of Coast Guard Day in 2008.CGS SARANG (44) 3rd of the series AOPV built by Goa Shipyard Ltd and commissioned into Indian Coast Guard on 21 June 1999 is shown in the Special cover issued in New Delhi on the occasion of 30th Anniversary of the Coast Guard on 1st. February 2007

  The special cover issued at Panaji on the occasion of commissioning of CGS SAGAR (45) 4th of the series AOPV built by Goa Shipyard Ltd, commissioned on  3 November 2003..

 Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers (GRSE) built Hover Craft in technical collaboration with Griffon Limited, UK has been depicted on the above stamp released (a set of four stamps with different motifs) honouring the Indian Coast Guard in 2008.
 Hover Crafts have the ability to perform where other fast boats won’t. Hovercrafts are amphibious, it can patrol in shallow water, mud flats, back-water rivers and marshes to intercept smugglers, militants, intruders and be used for life-saving operations. It can achieve a speed of 100Kmph.


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