Friday, August 20, 2010

Madras Week - 2010, East Indiaman & Fort St. George

 Whole of this week Madras (Chennai) will be agog with "Madras Week". August 22nd. is considered as the 'Founding Day of Madras' in 1637. 
Since 2004, this day/week is being celebrated as "Madras Day" - with lot of  exhibitions, book releases, etc. on Madras.
We are the only group [Madras Heritage Lovers], bring out unique and special Postal Covers on Madras. This year's theme is  "PROSPERITY of TRADE and COMMERCE"
The cover shows; the old Bank of Madras building (presently State Bank of India). Being a good trader, Pachaippa amassed wealth in trade with East India Company, finally leaving it to a Trust for philanthropic purposes. So, his stamp is selected and affixed on the cover. 
The cancellation shows "an old 'East India-man' in full sail" showing the means of  Sea Trade.

Back of the cover shows; an early Landing Ship, a Ship wreck, the first Pier, and the Bank of Madras.
(Contributed by D.H.Rao of Madras (Chennai) . Anybody interested to get the cover @ RS. 25 each may contact Mr. D.H.Rao, email;
The Isle of Man stamp depicts "Fort St. George, Madras", an East Indiaman and the effigy of Ensign Mark Wilks.
In 1687, Elihu Yale, the Governor of Madras (after whom the Yale University in the USA has been named) hoisted the Union Jack for the first time on the flag-mast replacing that of the East India Company's Ensign. The 47.5 meter (156 feet) flag-mast is the oldest and tallest Flag-mast ever built in India. The original wooden mast was replaced by a steel mast of equal height in 1994.

Some earlier special covers issued on the occasions of celebration of "Madras Day"


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